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COVID-19 One Step Test kit

Given the slow roll out of testing for COVID-19 in Europe and Africa and concerns about the spreading the disease, one-step testing will help to diagnose more cases. Therefore, we are able to supply national governments, medical institutes, hospitals, clinics and other health organizations with a one-step test kit to diagnose the novel corona virus. Read the test results direct from the device!

Why we need to test?

We want to know the total number of people infected with COVID-19. To know and to understand the spreading, it is necessary to do widespread testing all around the globe. Testing is crucial as it allows the infected person to avoid infecting others, to quarantine and to quickly receive the care they need. It is also important for all of us, especially for health organizations and governments, to understand the prevalence of the disease, to understand how the disease develops. It will allow governments to take evidence-based decisions for counter measures that slow down the spread of the disease.

We can also help in demand to supply protective clothing, facemasks and disinfectants.

Fast detection COVID-19 One step rapid test kit IgM/IgG Antibody Novel Corona Virus test Packing details: 25pcs/box, 500pcs/carton, carton dimensions 418x380x320mm, gross weight 12kgs/carton

  • Minimum order quantity 10.000pcs
  • We do not supply to individuals and/or private persons.


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We do not supply to individuals and/or private persons.

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